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Welkom bij Spelletje spele Spelletje Spele

Spelletje spele heet u van harte welkom
Momenteel zijn wij bezig met de opbouw van Spelletje Spele.
Wij vragen uw geduld
Hartelijk dank

Random Actie


speak to robot and it will speak to you.use mouse to play with robot.

Wee Willie Walsh 1

Willie Walsh has had a tough start to the job, with a staff walkouts, a record £270 million fine and now the Terminal 5 problems. But we're fans of his and think he's doing a great job turning rou

Bullet Speed

A kid who wishes to be a master of dodging, you see his dream is to one day be so good at this that he can make a living off of it to take care of his sick sister with the money he makes.

Cute Monkey GoGoGo

Welcome to the Monkey Forest , Cute Monkey GoGoGo

Random Kaarten

Texas Hold'em Online

This is a Texas hold'em poker game which we can play with multiple poker players online.

Ace Solitaire

Ace Solitaire is a solitaire card game based on creating groups of cards that sum up to 11. A unique feature for Ace Solitaire is that all dressed cards, Jacks, Queens and Kings, have been replaced by

Sudd City Headband Poker

In this unique version of poker, every player is dealt a card to put on their forehead. The goal is to have the highest card; bet or check like normal poker if you think yours is the highest, and fold


Choose which cards to discard and try to make pair of jacks or better to win money.

Random Platform

Run Jump and Fire

A simple run and gun game similar to Mega Man and Metroid.

Jungle Escape

Escape the jungle in this mario-like platform game

Super Mario Mushrooms

This is yet another Mario game. Race around collecting all the mushrooms you see on the screen. Nothing special, but if you are a mario fan, this game is for you.

Mario Rush Arena

Help Mario in this little game to kill the evil Goomba and Koopa in various levels and finally defeat all enemies!

Random Strategie

Animal Diving

Join the Animals and seize the gold in 10m Platform Diving! In this game you will play as the penguin representing the Penguin Kingdom to compete in the final of the diving competition. Your opponents

pacfun tower defense

Use your towers do kill all pacfuns.

killer tower defense

Put your towers near road to destroy all monsters.

oceanic monster tower defense

Place your towers near road to destroy all dangerous monsters.

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